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We love system engineering and software development. Working at Systemite means we get to do just that – all day, with an awesome group of people. And since others love what we do too, our need for skilled staff is growing.

Working at Systemite

Systemite provides one of the market's most advanced information management platforms for system engineering and software development. We live by the philosophy that the system should adapt to the engineer, instead of the other way around. Our product SystemWeaver enables easy integration of company design information for each component and weaves all the information together in one system. SystemWeaver has become an important platform in the automotive industry where we work with customers such as Nevs, Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks. 

We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for our co-workers, therefore we do our best to create a creative, inclusive and development friendly workplace.

Working at Systemite you'll get:

  • Breakfast every day
  • Coffee and soda
  • Ping-pong table and lounge
  • Annual conference trip
  • Health and fitness reimbursement
  • Generous retirement pension


Fürstenbergsgatan 4
416 64 Göteborg Vägbeskrivning info@systemite.se +46 31 719 93 00

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